Strawberries & Cream - Cryo-Cured - 1.4% Terpenes

Strawberries & Cream - Cryo-Cured - 1.4% Terpenes

per 1 g
Total THC/A18.4%
Total CBD/A0.1%
A slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Strawberry Cough X The White strains. Named for its delicious flavor and gorgeous appearance, Strawberries and Cream is the perfect bud for any sativa lover who appreciates a great taste, too. The Strawberries and Cream high settles in a few minutes after your final toke, hitting the brain first before spreading throughout your physical form. You'll feel a lifted sense that launches your mind into a cerebral state of energy and happiness, pushing out any negative or racing thoughts immediately. As your mind reaches new heights of creativity and euphoria, your body will settle into a relaxing state that has you physically calmed without causing any sedation. Strawberries and Cream is often chosen to treat headaches or migraines, nausea or appetite loss, chronic fatigue, depression and chronic stress.

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